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Adirondack Angling Arts will get you out there and enjoying everything there is to fly fishing. Click the link below to see our guided fishing trips and book one today!

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Why Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing imitates the instictive feeding patterns of the fish you are trying to catch, making it the most natural way to fish. We are a catch and release guide service, meaning all fish you catch will be safely returned back into the water. Fly Fishing connects you back to the most basic roots of nature itself. Fly fishing takes you to places that you would never normally go. As you wade through the river, you see parts of the wild that only the river can take you. It allows you to view nature from a perspective you normally would not see. While in the middle of the river you could have an otter swim past you completely oblivious to your existenece, watch eagles soar above you, and maybe even spy on a moose taking a drink from the river. All whilst surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack mountains. Fly fishing is fun, challenging, and wildly rewarding. 


Who We Are

A few years ago I was fishing next to a guide in western New York. We had not moved for hours in the pouring 35 degree rain, neither of us were smiling. Thousands of casts had gone by before he looked at me and said "ya know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity..." we both laughed like mad men and fished until it was too dark to see!

Some people won't appreciate that story but for people like us at Adirondack Angling Arts, fishing is life and outdoors is home and we love every minute of it.

The essence of Adirondack Angling Arts is to connect with nature and learn its complex layers with fly fishing. We will start from the bottom of the top, in the depths of the Adirondack water ways. At the peaks of the Adirondack mountains; ponds, lakes and springs are the beginnings of the beautiful rivers that circulate life throughout Upstate New York. come with us and explore the vast wilderness and even some more urban locations that owe there very existence to the resources that these water ways provide them.


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Adirondack Angling Arts

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